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One year ago today, I embarked on a journey into Self… to dig deeper into who I am and what my purpose in this human experience is. I had no idea what I was getting into but felt it was where Creator wanted me to be. And I met my soul family.

Little did I know, I still had so much work to do to become my truest expression of me. I found all the dark areas where I wasn’t letting the love that I am in past the pain and trauma I’ve experienced and allowed to continue to experience, even though I had no problem giving my version of love to others.

I shed light on the darkest, most hidden spaces of my being to heal and recover from old thoughts and patterns that were hindering my growth in trusting my Self and my Creator to intuitively guide me where the lessons were that I needed to learn to step into my own power.

I learned from one of the best spiritual teachers of our time, Sir Dr. David Hawkins that love isn’t something we simply feel … it’s a way of BEing and having a great awareness of the love that is available to us at any time. Guided by a beautiful family I never knew I had, who’s service to the collective knows no bounds. I am eternally grateful for this journey and so grateful to not only see and know true, raw, unconditional love but to BE it.

Thank you sister Ginevra and brother Chris, sis Jenn and our entire AWAKE Life Sciences family… who has never wavered once on the love they are. Thank you to my amazing husband Clayton who has been by my side through the many dark and light sides of this healing journey, you have been my anchor when everything in the ocean tries to knock me off course and showed me how to stay steady for myself and our family.

The opposite of fear is love, once you find it within you, you literally help others find their way just by being that. In a world where fear is rampant, creating anger, resentment and hate… love will lead the way home.

Keep shining fam, love you all so much! 🧡

What an incredible year it’s been… a year of transformational growth.

Over a year ago, I started a very dark night of the soul that lasted for months… if anyone has not experienced this, it can be quite confusing and feel like grief, hopelessness, loss of purpose and insecurity of what and who you are. It was painful and I felt alone and often chose to be alone with myself. I felt like I was grieving for something but didn’t know what. Little did I know, I was moving into a new phase of life, where I would find my truest expression of divinity within me that was there all along.

Last August was my darkest time, I had been feeling the collective grief of Indigenous people from the recent uncovering of children’s graves all across Canada. There was anger, resentment, deep sorrow and judgement that riddled my days. I just kept moving forward doing my workouts, my meditations, prayers, a lot of journaling and self exploration. I was losing interest in things that used to bring me joy but still just kept putting one foot in front of the other until I found steady ground again and slowly made my way out of the pits of what I would imagine hell to be like. I remember going to our fave camping resort and just sitting outside staring at the lake for hours working through everything going on in my mind.

Then, everything shifted… when I found the love radiating from women and friends that started to lift me back up, like a hand reaching down into the dark pits of despair to pull me out. My coaching team, my clients and my bestie Jenn was there waiting for me, loving me and showed me that I am worthy of healing too. It started a beautiful year of evolution and growth. I met some pretty incredible humans who love me and helped me remove all fear and ego that held me in place for years.

Today, I am the in the most peaceful, loving, joyous and present place that I’ve ever felt in my life. Thank you to those who stuck by me with love and also thank you to those who didn’t… I learned a lot from each of you and each experience I went through to get to where I am today and it’s been quite the feat but I do it all with grace and deep gratitude for it all. ❤️🙏🏽

In my experience working with children, youth and families… I have learned that people require a sense of belonging to start their healing journey home. We often think home is a physical location and there are many locations that I consider to be my home but there’s been many years I spent moving around not being fully comfortable where I was because it didn’t feel like home and wanting to fly away onto new adventures as we always did when I was a child.

I was disconnected from my Indigenous roots in terms of land, language, culture and traditions… in essence, assimilated into a life that I didn’t always feel I belonged in but I also didn’t feel I belonged in the Indigenous community either. The two worlds were always such a complete dichotomy to me as I grew up in small mining towns with people who didn’t look like me.

I have committed to my healing journey for over 6 years now, first with my physical health and it’s carried on into my mental and emotional health through mindset shifting and naturally now into my spiritual and energetic health. Finally finding my home within me.

Home is where YOU are, it took me a long time to figure this out. Yesterday was an incredible experience for me, singing a song I learned recently with the local Indigenous community and really solidified that home is exactly where I am. Beyond grateful to be consciously living and loving my life that I’m designing on purpose.

Thank you to All My Relations who continue to teach me!

If you’re looking to heal past traumas and find home within yourself, I am here to hold space and guide you there 🧡

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