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Misfit for life

I was invited to introduce myself in a group of women today and while I was writing it, I realized it sounded much like a blog post. Then I realized I hadn't written a blog post in so long and gosh dangit I said I was going to do one a week!! WTF does the time go for reals? It just flies by when we are having fun, or when we aren't or at any occasion at all... time just keeps on ticking, so are we making the best of it? Anyway, I thought I would share my intro here too.

I always have trouble introducing myself because I never know which part of my life I should share. I tend to be long winded as well. So here goes.

I am a proud Cree woman who was raised mostly in Nova Scotia by two misfits of their time until I was 14 when my father died in a car accident. The catholic raised little girl emerged a rebel child that took many a wrong path (but were they wrong?) before being blessed with a baby boy who I named David after my father when I was but a wee pup of barely 18. My life kind of took a different path then, the high school dropout teen Mom had to PROVE everyone wrong about what she could do. I graduated high school, then on to university and graduated with a degree before moving to British Columbia with my then 7 year old to pursue a Forensic Science Certificate. My dream was to be a police woman, working my way up to detective work. Thank the good Lord, that never happened. Haha.

Being the good upstanding citizen that I am supposed to be by fitting inside a box that society creates for us, I got a good job and have been doing Child Protection Social Work for almost 10 years. I met a man, Clayton, whom I love so deeply that I agreed to have more children after mine was 13 years old which sometimes I wonder what I was thinking haha. I have two beautiful little souls that are the lights of my life. Hunter, almost 7 and Chase just turned 5. We live on a hay farm in the middle of the fucking boonies (am I allowed to swear?) and some days I love where I live so much and some days I just want to be able to take a trip to the grocery store without being gone for 4 hours of my life. My husband is a homebody, an amazing father and works hard at whatever he does. Heavy duty mechanic by trade, opened himself up a radio business in the nearest town of 100 Mile House and tinkers about the farm where we try to live off the land raising our own meat and growing our food (maybe one year I will not kill everything in my garden... maybe).

Three years ago, I was living in a dark place. I allowed a narcissist to completely take over my power and my Mom had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. I was coping with life by eating shitty food, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes (in hiding... but I wasn't very good at hide and seek as a kid so... it was known) and I was about to get married!! He never proposed, I just needed something to look forward to that year so I planned a wedding. LOL I was desperately seeking something to get out of my current circumstances. Then when I made the classic, I am going to buy a smaller wedding dress to make me want to get healthy decision and when my dress arrived and it was still too damn small, I had to take some kind of action.

That is when I became a health and fitness coach and the course of my life entirely changed, again. I joined a community much like this of beautiful, positive, loving women who all wanted to change their health and fitness. It was my first experience in a larger collective of women cheering each other on and it was so beautiful that I just had to become a coach and inspire that kind of community with others. So that is something that I have been doing on the side of my full time job and home life for three years. And I completely LOVE every aspect of it. I made it a habit to start working out daily and helping others do the same.

20 months ago, sadly, I lost my beautiful Mother Margaret to cancer. It was devastating. She was my comfort, hope, faith and love. Watching your best friend die has been one of the most heart wrenching times of my entire life. I started doing yoga at Blissed Out and met SO MANY amazing women, Karen, Kate, Deanna, and so many more that inspired me to level UP. I have been inspired to do many things in my life, the most important being my sobriety. Just yesterday I hit another milestone of 19 months without alcohol and my life is amazing because of this. I am also became a yoga instructor with Buti certification and taking Deep Buti in Banff in September with my bestie and am now also studying to be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

I strongly believe in women taking their power back, wherever we may have let it go. Holding each other up instead of tearing each other down. Believing so strongly and fiercely in each other that nothing can break us. Women are so beautiful, powerful and strong. When I watch a woman emerge into her power and greatness, my heart is filled with joy and continues to brighten my shine every day.

The more we can pass this light to each other, the more beautiful the entire world will become and we don't have to settle for less than we deserve! We don't have to fit into that mould or box that we never were able to fit into, we can live our lives with the biggest dreams and wishes. We can level up every single day and be better than we were yesterday because that is your ONLY competition in this life... is who you were yesterday.

Misfit for fucking life. I love you all. Thank you for being here.

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