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All of my Creation is Love

So many shifts and changes have been happening in my life over the last couple of months and I am grateful for it all. I have had a lot of realizations about myself and others that were necessary to learn in order to grow further. Life never ceases to amaze me with the lessons that are required for us to take our next logical step. When the steps feel effortless, that is when you know that you are following the true guidance of your heart and are at a place of acceptance and love. There is no right or wrong way to move forward, every step forward regardless of what is happening around you, is a step in the right direction. You can learn from the experiences or you can wait around and have the opportunity to learn them again until you are ready to keep moving forward.

One thing for sure that I was still hanging on so tightly is wanting everyone to be happy and always doing what pleases them regardless of how my gut felt, and going against my own inner guidance is a sign of not fully trusting myself. I have learned that putting too much trust into others rather than yourself can end in discontentment and annoyances that could have been avoided but again, it does not matter because we are all learning the lessons required of us at the exact time we are meant to and it is all beautiful no matter how uncomfortable it can be, when you reach the other side of it, it's pure magic.

I have learned so much about ego lately, and how sneaky it can be even when we feel that we have let go of certain ways and patterns, it can sneak up on you to show you that you still have a way to go. There is nothing wrong with ego, ego is just the animalistic side of us that requires very little thinking because it comes from conditioning of our upbringing, pain and trauma or societal norms and values. It is easy to stay with ego because it is comfortable and the path of least resistance. Going against the ego is not to say that it is "bad" or "evil" it is just simply using more brain power and intellect to create new ways of thinking and being. Our true self and spirit only knows love. Ego thinks in terms of this OR that, whereas the truth of our being is this AND that, we are one and stronger in unity than division. Ego seeks to separate, divide and conquer, true self seeks to connect and love all but of course with firm boundaries. Ego is created out of fear or not having enough or not being enough, true self just is and knows there is always enough. Ego is therefore illusion, true self is the truth.

Loving and trusting yourself completely can be scary at times, but when you feel true peace and contentment in your life, it is worth every moment getting there. The only person you need to worry about is yourself, everyone else is on their own perfect journey to where they need to be and it is none of your business nor should you worry about whether they will get there or not, hold love in your heart, boundaries where they need to be, and carry on your incredible journey forward. All is perfect. All of your creation from this place, is love.

And I love you, thank you for being here.

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