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Belonging ✨

In my experience working with children, youth and families… I have learned that people require a sense of belonging to start their healing journey home. We often think home is a physical location and there are many locations that I consider to be my home but there’s been many years I spent moving around not being fully comfortable where I was because it didn’t feel like home and wanting to fly away onto new adventures as we always did when I was a child.

I was disconnected from my Indigenous roots in terms of land, language, culture and traditions… in essence, assimilated into a life that I didn’t always feel I belonged in but I also didn’t feel I belonged in the Indigenous community either. The two worlds were always such a complete dichotomy to me as I grew up in small mining towns with people who didn’t look like me.

I have committed to my healing journey for over 6 years now, first with my physical health and it’s carried on into my mental and emotional health through mindset shifting and naturally now into my spiritual and energetic health. Finally finding my home within me.

Home is where YOU are, it took me a long time to figure this out. Yesterday was an incredible experience for me, singing a song I learned recently with the local Indigenous community and really solidified that home is exactly where I am. Beyond grateful to be consciously living and loving my life that I’m designing on purpose.

Thank you to All My Relations who continue to teach me!

If you’re looking to heal past traumas and find home within yourself, I am here to hold space and guide you there 🧡

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