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Healing inner wounds

So many times I’ve questioned myself over and over about the same old shit all the time... pulling back from being who I truly am for fear of being found out that I’m not who I am. I didn’t understand this for the longest time because I am who I am, but felt I wasn’t?

Getting angry or discouraged for having to continue this age old discussion with myself. Who am I really? What am I expecting to learn that I don’t know already? We learn when we are meant to learn more. More will always be revealed as we grow ... in the meantime, I am who the fuck I say I am. I am the person you see, the person you feel, the spirit that brings you joy in your not so easy days and loves you unconditionally because you deserve it yet I don’t always give myself the same courtesy and respect.

Trauma can etch deep wounds within your cells that are difficult to close... no matter how hard you work at it, you get it stitched up part way and something comes along and unravels the stitching and you discover that you still have work to do.

It can stop you, stall you or you get to work, carefully continuing to close the wound within that causes your self sabotaging ways, that screams the fear at you to get you to slow down the growth process. Our brains are effective machines but don’t recognize the good kind of fear that helps us to heal, grow and level up so it feels the same as scary fear that helps us retreat, hide and stay still.

Teaching ourselves about this and having the awareness is what is going to eventually help us stitch, close and heal those old wounds that keep opening back up. Scars are evidence of strength and remind us of what we have gone through so the work involves the healing of the wound to the scar, not ignoring the wound altogether... because it will just keep opening back up until you’re ready to heal it.

Stop judging yourself, be who you are right now because that is exactly who you are supposed to be in this exact moment in order to get to the next phase of growth and development. Be kind to yourself and others in the process. You are AMAZING exactly as you are 🥰

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