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Leading with love

So much love in my heart for the collective, so many energetic shifts and expansion of consciousness happening right now… it can be uncomfortable and scary when we’re unsure but have faith that your evolution is happening right on time and with the utmost perfection of who you are.

Change is inevitable, we can always count on things to change so it’s important to flow with it and accept things as they come, learn what need to, take what resonates and move along on our journey home to ourselves.

Nothing and nobody can take anything away from you that you’ve worked so hard for, and when you check in with Self and feel good and know the truth of who you are in the core fire of your being, then all is exactly as it is supposed to be.

There is no right or wrong way, no good or bad, we were taught these things in order to feel less than but it’s never been more important than right now to learn how incredibly perfect you are in this moment. Challenge the beliefs you have about yourself and others… why do you think that? What has happened in your life that allows you to think and behave that way? Who taught you those things? Do they align with who you are now? Are you happy? If not, what would make you feel happy?

When we spend our time judging others we are really judging ourselves and where we are in this timeline of life. Forgiveness is not about losing your boundaries and forgetting what someone has done, it’s about letting go and finding the peace within yourself without attachments.

There will always be something or someone out there judging you on what they think they know based on where they are on their own soul journey, but never ever let that cause you to become bitter or hateful, these cases should always cause you to embody more love because you see where others are hurting. And they need us to hold space and stand in love for them too ❤️🧡

Stay bright, so those who need you can find you… stay loving so those who hurt can feel it… stay strong, so those who are weak can know what’s possible for them.

You are important, I see you, I hear you… I love you.

love, Lolly xo

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