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Meeting my true Self

Tānsi nitōtēmak Misatim Pisichoos Iskwew

Hello my relatives, my name is Horse Whirlwind Woman … I am a warrior woman with the power to create and calm storms. I am just beginning to tap into my own medicine given to me by my ancestors that I used to heal my lineage. I feel the strength and power of my ancestors with me everyday and get messages of love, peace and joy… I am clear in my intentions for the life I have been gifted. I am learning to harness this energy to help the collective. I am grateful for my soul family that helps me daily.

This was all given to me because I worked daily for years to heal and love myself first… I followed the guidance even when the ego wasn’t sure it was the right way or path for me… I trusted my intuition and my Creator would not lead me astray and only provide opportunities for deep learning and growth. This stuff cannot be made up, only the strongest will persevere when the lessons are difficult, it was your soul’s choosing for the lessons you receive and work through. When this is met with openness and clarity, life is never again wasted. Every moment, every word and every thought is created with significant intent.

My advice is to keep moving forward, even when you are scared or unsure. Humble yourself and ask for gentle teachings and seek for nothing, just allow it to come moment by moment with ease and Grace. Remove the armour that’s blocking you from your soul’s purpose.

There is no room for fear here, egos must die and new thinking emerges like a beautiful butterfly lighting the way, providing beacons of hope for the rest to find their way through the dark. You are never alone, we are here waiting for you, when you’re ready.


I love you