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Mondays don’t have to suck!

Happy Monday! Or is it?

I remember the Monday mornings I would wake up feeling like a complete bag of you know what and how I would wish it was still the weekend so I could just stay in bed all day and not face the day. I’d have to force myself to roll out of bed at the last minute just to get myself to work on autopilot. I was absent from my family and friends, doing the bare minimum just to get by and get it over with.

Every day I sank deeper into a depression and used wine and food as a coping mechanism to check out of those feelings. I allowed outside circumstances to consume me and my well being and was literally dying a slow death.

Over the years I would always commit to some form of exercise for short stints just to boost myself with endorphins, lose some weight quick and then be done with it because I would start to feel good. So I wasn’t a stranger to exercise but I just never committed long term. Knowing the solution to feeling better was exercise, I signed up for home workouts with a coach that I knew from way back in high school way across the country and having her cheering me on was exactly what I needed. Her community showed me that I am not alone and that people want to help and love one another. I was in the darkest place of my life during that time and it gave me the support I needed to keep moving forward.

I shed many, many tears on my basement floor as I pushed myself to move my body even when it wanted nothing to do with it. Some days were harder than others but everyday when I was done I felt AMAZING and could handle anything that came my way. It’s become a beautiful routine that keeps evolving as I heal and grow from every lesson as they come.

Today I create my own life by design and feel incredible from the inside out… everyday I focus on gratitude, peace, love and joy in everything I do and am fully present with myself and the world around me. I have been diving deep into my spiritual and energetic bodies and learning how to support others on a greater level to awaken who they truly are and have all the tools to help you get there!

Monday mornings don’t have to suck! Wouldn’t that be great!? Let’s get you started with discussing what your perfect life by design would look like!!

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