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New Moon, New Beginnings

What a beautiful time it is. A time for a fresh start and new beginnings. The spring is in full force around here, new life is awakening across the land and the sun is shining for longer throughout the day. Take some time for you to sit in the beauty of Mother Earth's grounding energy and feel the fresh air enter and exit your lungs as it replenishes the cells of your body with vital life force energy. Tap into the rich source of heat within you from the beat of your heart as it floods and cycles the fresh oxygenated blood throughout your system, cleansing and purifying every bit of negative or stagnant energy stuck in the dark. We can find our connection to the earth, wind, fire and water of the land and in our body to recognize the Oneness we all have access to at any time. The season of stillness, darkness, hibernation and reflection is ending as we enter into a new season of growth, transformation, creation and evolution. Perhaps you're still feeling the sleepiness of the winter months or perhaps you are feeling reenergized and rejuvenated, excited for what is to come, what May.

April saw some periods of highs and lows as we continue to release the things that do not serve us and close the doors to what once was so we have space for what is to come. Many are still feeling the effects of fear coming out of this two years of a pandemic and retreating to their own spaces where they feel safe. All of us are on our own timeline and path that is meant for us and it is all absolutely beautiful, there nothing wrong with the pace you are going, whether you feel behind or rushed. If you wish to tap into the guidance from within yourself, you will have to do some work to find the space for that. Disconnecting from the things that distract you or make you feel "less than" will help you to see the beauty of your own soul. Slowing down in terms of simply connecting with your inhale and your exhale can open up the channels you require to start healing and hearing the spiritual guidance from your highest Self. As we continue to heal, we find our truest expression of ourselves without ego or fear holding us back any longer. People, places and situations fall away and we look to them in gratitude for the beautiful lessons and teachings that they have taught us this far in our journey and bid them a loving farewell as our paths continue on in different directions. There is no right or wrong way to heal, only ego thinks that way, it is okay to remove yourself from places that refuse to accept you are doing what you need to do for you.

However it looks for you, choose love first, for yourself, for your family (especially if you have the gift of children) and then if there is space, for others on the same path to join you. If you don't have space for that, honour yourself and choose YOU. Anyone or anything that is meant to be in your life will still be there or come back when it is time, if ever. Until then, love, peace and joy is all that is needed to focus on. Be gentle with yourself. You are worthy and deserving of all good things, always.

New Moon, New Sacred Space

I have opened a new private space online (@sacred_soulspace on Instagram) for souls on a healing journey toward their true Self and purpose here on earth to connect and support each other. The intention of the space is to have a sacred safe space for those of us who wish to focus on positivity, healing and loving each other in a world full of discord. I was so honoured to be of service and offer a New Moon intention setting session with the live video feature and the recording is still posted on the timeline if you wish to tune in. We started with a grounding exercise, clearing our space for ritual, tools of connecting to spirit, transcending fear and ego, goals of intentions and how to set intentions, a visualization exercise, and a closing drum song. I look forward to offering more in this Sacred space especially the teachings of the medicine wheel (aka circle of life) and our connections to Mother Earth and all of our relations. Hope to see you there.

You can find it here:

Yours in Love and Service, Lolly xo

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