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They tried to hide it from us

They tried to hide it from us.

They took us from our families and separated us from our land.

They told us to be quiet and not speak of it. They slapped us when they spoke.

They were told they could do anything they want to us because we didn't matter, we weren't like them and they must beat the "savage" out.

They were given permission to harm us because they were afraid of who we would become.

They tried to hide our power and medicine from us but they failed.

When they took us away, they thought they were saving us. They feared us. They saw the power we held when connecting with our Mother Earth and the protection she provided us.

They saw that she provided everything for us to be strong and live in a good way, as One with Her.

Their greed for money and power saw us as a threat, even when we taught them how to hunt and fish and how to grow their own food. We showed them how to build small boats and go up and down rivers. They didn't see our ways of survival as good enough, all they saw was the almighty dollar. They continued to take from Mother Earth until she could barely give anymore. We prayed and danced and sang with her everyday to bring her the love we knew she needed from us.

They blamed us for their illness and disease that they caused within themselves.

They didn't realize their connection to the Earth was powerful too and the medicine they needed was being taken for money that would only make them sicker. They didn't see they were disconnected from their Mother and their land.

They saw us continuing to thrive even after killing us with their diseases and killing our livelihoods.

They FEARED us.

So they did only what they were taught to do when they were afraid.

To hate, separate, hurt and kill.

Their greed and sense of power was more important to them than our lives.

They saw we were powerful in our connections to Mother Earth and Great Spirit that they didn't know was their "God" too.

They saw our medicine.

They feared our power.

They tried to hide it from us by taking our children away. Little did they know, it only made us STRONGER.

Their FEAR made them weak, not our POWER and MEDICINE.

They tried to hide it from us, but they failed.

Our Ancestors have waited a long time for us, it's coming back to us now and we will show you how to LOVE your great Mother Earth and how she will reward you with a beautiful, full, loving, peaceful and abundant life.

Love, unity and connection to the land will show you the way... the only way.

We are no longer hidden, we are rising up in our Ancestors still living in harmony with Mother Earth. Come take our hand, we will show you the way.

Spoken by Spirit Mother, Margaret, transcribed by Spirit daughter, Horse Whirlwind Woman on December 30, 2021

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