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Top teachings from 2021

Happy new year to all near and far 🥳🥳🥳

I learned so much about fear and ego and how it can affect every thing you speak, think, touch and feel. Not only did I completely shed my own thoughts and patterns that were ego driven for my entire lifetime; I shed people, places and things that also came from a place of ego. Ego is misunderstood by many. Some may think my writing comes from ego, when in actuality I’m sharing from a place of inspiration for others to create their own realities like I have. If it doesn’t resonate with you, then it’s not for you 😘

I have worked hard with ego in my spiritual program of recovery, everyday I asked for my defects of character to be removed and allow me to see the truth in all people, places and things. I asked to be guided toward only that which is of the highest good for me and for all. I learned to trust my intuition and trust the energy. If something doesn’t feel right, if it feels forced or causes resistance … it ain’t right. Energy doesn’t lie.

I learned to fully love myself and fully not care about what people think of me… people are going to judge each other no matter what, and it has absolutely nothing to do with me. I learned to love them from afar and forgive them for they know not what they do. Some do, and do it anyway and they need even more love because their deep pain causes that behaviour. They will gossip and create rumours about you because of the discord they have within themselves and project it outside of them to fill their void. They bond with others at that vibration because it makes them feel validated and when you walk away from that, you better believe they’re talking about you next. Let them. It is none of your concern what they say about you… no need to defend or explain yourself and feed into the bullshit. Let them talk, it says way more about them than you.

I learned to honour my ancestors by completely stepping into who I am as an Indigenous woman. I have to first honour the first 215 babies uncovered in T’kemlups te Secwepemc in late May for this intense teaching. I felt every feeling you could possibly feel even before they were revealed and understood in a much deeper way of the effects of residential schools, 60s scoop and the continued systemic racism in today’s society for the Indigenous people in Canada. I check myself daily to decolonize my own thoughts and behaviour. Survivors of this attempted genocide and cultural genocide require love and support to return to their ways of culture and tradition for their healing. The land requires protection because it provides that deep healing for all. I am beyond grateful for my late mother who wasn’t just a survivor, she was a warrior. She teaches me so much about love, compassion and strength every single day.

I humbly bow my head to the teacher within me that never gives up when things get hard, that continues moving forward when people try to knock me down because they don’t understand me or my decisions, for releasing any and all fear of the unknown, for fully trusting myself and removing myself from places that no longer serve my highest good.

For 2022, I am fully and completely in the hands of my Creator, here to be of complete service in health and wellness by living in my truth, nothing matters to me more than showing the way out of the darkness with my beacon of light. You are loved beyond measure, beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed and if you sit in silence and ask to be shown instead of seeking it outside of yourself … you will feel it and start to see it.

Peace to all my brothers and sisters. Wishing all of you an incredible year. Never stop dancing.

All my love,

Horse Whirlwind Woman

*Earrings made by my incredibly talented niece Kiana Mio

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