Top Ten tips to start living life on purpose

My Story - intergenerational trauma, mental health and alcoholism

Hi! My name is Lolly, I am Cree and Polish/Scottish also known as my spirit name, Horse Whirlwind Woman. I would love to share a little bit of my story with you below before offering some tips to get started on your own path to finding the most authentic and divine expression of your Self, but if you already know my story, feel free to skip to the tips! I have been on an incredible journey to finding my true Self through spiritual practices and guidance that have helped me rebalance the body-mind-soul connection and live in harmony with life.

For those of you who don't know me; I am a Mom of 3 boys, married to the love of my life and we live on acreage in a remote-ish area of the Cariboo in BC. I am a recovered alcoholic, I say recovered because it is absolutely possible to be recovered and not always "in recovery". We moved here from the city with the dream to live off our land and teach our children the true nature of Mother Earth and all that she can provide for us if we love and care for her. I didn't know it at the time, but this was going to be one of the most healing journeys of my life so far.

There was definitely a bit of a transition period where I got lost in not knowing who I was anymore; I had two littles 2 and under, I left my 18 year old son in the city because he didn't want to leave, my mom (a residential school survivor) retired from her 40 year nursing career to come live with us before we soon found out she had cancer, my husband was leaving home for two weeks at a time to work out of town and another family member was causing alot of unnecessary grief for us as well. I had left child protection to move but soon found myself back there at a different organization 1.5 hours from where we lived because I believed working distracted me from my personal life and issues I was facing. My coping mechanisms involved drinking and eating which led me down a dark path of depression and anxiety having not dealt with the trauma and stresses of my life in a healthy way. My Mom's cancer went into remission so we decided to plan our wedding that year so I could have something positive to look forward to and celebrate! About midway through that year, I had received my wedding dress and it was too small for me, I was desperate to fit into it so I signed up with a fitness coach online to help me lose weight. This was the very beginning of a beautiful journey that brings me to today. Where I live an incredible life on purpose and work everyday to help others. do the same.

My Mom ended up passing away from the cancer that returned and for a month I almost drank myself to death. As she slipped away into spirit world, I had told her that I would never waste another day on this planet and be the warrior daughter she raised but it took me waking up a month later with heart palpitations and my organs aching from the inside before I followed through on that promise. There have been many days since then that were not easy but the days that are, make up for it.

Fast forward to today, I retired from my 11 year child protection career in December and took some time to rest and focus on how I want to lead my life, I’ve been seeking freedom from the 9-5 for some time but didn’t know how to detach from it until one day I just did and decided to figure the rest out later. When something is no longer aligning with your true self, the universe provides the way. I have been passionate about wellness for several years now and have both life experience and training in yoga, nutrition, energy and spiritual healing, grief and loss, addiction recovery, child, youth and family support using trauma informed practices.

I have been a freedom seeker for the last 5 years or so. Freedom from anything that doesn’t serve me, any fear or negativity that holds me back and freedom from what society expects of me and step into the free spirit I truly am. I am leading the way on this new path for myself and others tired of repeating the same cycles over and over. I am on a journey, a beautiful journey toward financial, time and personal freedom! I am so passionate about spreading love and light, and guiding you to your own inner light that we all have access to whenever we choose to find it.

I love to empower women to break free from the BS we tell ourselves (or others tell us) as to why we can’t and find the reasons why we can and will. To become the leader of your life! There is nothing standing in your way but you, if you’re ready to get out of the way and move your life forward … I’ve got some tools to lend. You are never ever alone. Does this sound like something you could benefit from? In the meantime, here are some tips to help you get started.

My top ten tips on how to start living life on purpose

  1. Go outside. No matter where you are or what you are doing. Find time to go outside and breathe in the fresh air at least once a day. Even if it is just for a couple minutes and a couple deep breaths. If you feel inclined, and can find grass or earth, touch your barefeet or your hands to the earth, close your eyes and imagine exchanging anything negative from you for positive grounding energy from the earth.

  2. Breathe. Often times we are mouth breathing, holding our breath or taking short breaths throughout our day. Take a moment wherever you are to take a deep inhale, pause at the top, exhale it all out, pause at the bottom, repeat. As many times as you can, inhaling fresh vital life force energy into all of your cells and exhaling anything that no longer serves you.

  3. Find at least three things to be grateful for in this moment. When we start to look at what we can be grateful for instead of what we don't have, the things we are grateful for multiplies.

  4. Rest. Society is always telling us to go, go, go but that is not our natural way. The universe and earth moves slow and steady on purpose, so that the things that need to take place have the space to do so. Nothing is in a rush and there is no need to feel pressure of being behind or not doing enough because you are right on time.

  5. Smudge. Using plant medicine like sage, cedar and sweetgrass can help cleanse you of any insecurities and impurities that are hanging on to your aura or energy. This daily practice is good for your personal space and physical space as well.

  6. Pray. Light a candle and say whatever is on your heart. Whether you are seeking guidance on a specific issue or just needing extra love or wanting to send love to someone else. Taking this moment to speak to whatever you believe in will allow the universe to know what you need at this time.

  7. Meditate. Sitting in stillness will allow the universe space to provide you with the answers you are seeking in your prayers. Try to sit for 1-2 minutes a day as practice to observe your thoughts and not get attached to them, listening for the true Self and spirit to guide you in what to do next.

  8. Eat whole, clean foods. Toxins from our foods can cloud our mind and judgement, and can cause symptoms of inflammation, fatigue and irritability so being mindful of what we eat and drink helps clear those symptoms.

  9. Exercise. Dance, workout, walk, move your body somehow throughout your day even if it is just for 15 minutes a day. Even if I miss a workout, I am sure to have my morning dance party everyday!

  10. Connect with others. Being able to lean on others when we are struggling or moving through some darkness reminds us that we are not alone and that we never have to go through things alone. Often times, people who have been through the darkness, have many tools to share with you for moving through it as well.

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