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With Love, I release...

I have been shown so many interesting things about humanity lately that is both heartbreaking and healing at the same time. I have been shown that people can be very unlike themselves in times of stress and unrest. I have seen the ugly side of people that I thought were really nice at one point or another, in fact had nothing but good thoughts about them. I have seen ego and fear show up in not so subtle ways and also in sneaky ways, and I have seen this cause disagreement, division and separation among families, friendships and communities.

Although I am not immune to being hurt, I have been able to see things from an objective point of view and know that humans can be cruel to other humans, so there is no reason to join that mentality. Our own ego might want to run and hide or come out swinging but honestly it does nothing to slow down the trajectory of where it chooses to go. There is no defence mechanisms needed in the truth, the truth always comes to light. It may not be today or tomorrow but one day for sure the truth will arise. Acceptance is key when you see the untruth of it all but allow it to continue going on without your participation.

There is nothing more important in these situations than unconditional love and compassion for all who are struggling. Meeting it with the same frequency will only continue to compound it whether it is anger, resentment, hate, sadness, apathy, fear or pride. Instead, try meeting it with peace, love, compassion and acceptance. Everyone who treats another person, place or thing unkind or with cruelty are likely struggling and deserve to have compassion.

The best part about these challenges that you come up against, are they are there to trigger you to grow, heal or repeat. It is uncomfortable to learn what you need to learn and sometimes impossible to see what you need to learn from it until you dig really deep into Self and uncover what has gotten you there in the first place. Some people will not have the courage nor humility to do this and will choose to repeat at some point in the future. Some people will have reached the "repeat" enough times and muster up the courage and humility to reflect on themselves and see what needs to be looked at and healed. I think both options are beautiful, there is no right or wrong way to heal and grow, nor is there a timeline required of you to learn what you need to learn. Everyone is exactly at the right place at the right time, sometimes it isn't fair what is happening and you aren't sure what you did to deserve it but it's always beautiful when we get clear on it and see what you can do to improve or do better!

It is still difficult to be in a situation where people see you as something you are not, but you are actually never who you are to anyone because in their own minds they have made up who you are to them and that is completely out of your control. Empathic hearts hurt to see that others can make you into a villain but it is actually very human for us to create narratives of other people or situations based on the lens that we are wearing and the level of growth and healing we have had thus far. When we can understand and accept that, it is what it is.

Release it with unconditional love, and continue healing and growing on your own timeline. Sending you courage, love and humility to get through it, this time or next time.

*Working on bringing a sacred safe space to those who are choosing the growth option, stay tuned!*

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