You know what’s beautiful?

I get disappointed in my feed somedays... how negative some people can be about or to others.

Especially when women are cutting down others... I’m but a young baby still (almost 40... lol) and here are some things I’ve learned:

When you cut someone else down, make them question themselves or what they’re doing or look like or saying...

When you complain about someone’s picture because they used a filter or social media presence or mock their at home business...

When you open your mouth to voice your “opinion” because it’s your right to do so, and it’s nothing but negativity towards another...

These things make you appear insecure, resentful, jealous and plain ol’ mean.

You have no f*ing idea what someone else is going through... you have no opinion when someone else is speaking their truth about THEMSELVES... and what you think about them or their situation is your prerogative, your thoughts and your thoughts alone.

If your thoughts are mean, just shut your mouth and keep it to yourself. If you need to say mean things about someone to others to feel better or be recognized or to be “right”... do the work you need to do so that you don’t need to get this from someone else.

Because you know what’s beautiful?

Women who lift other women up.

Women who regardless of whether they agree or like what other women say, do, wear, be, support and love her for who she is.

Women who shut down the negative bullshit before it even goes anywhere else.

Women who are genuinely happy in their own skin and the women who are trying everyday.

Women who love, celebrate, cry and hold each other’s hands in the hard times and in the good times.

Women who use a filter to brighten their face or cover a blemish or whiten their teeth so they can love themselves a little bit more or pose a certain way because they like the way the light falls on their body because last time I checked it was THEIR face and body.

Women who are who they are and don’t give a flying eff what others think of her because she is so in love with herself it doesn’t matter.

Women who know what others think of them is none of her damn business.

Women who run an online side hustle, part time or full time business from home to make money to contribute to the life they want so they can spend more time with their family.

Women who make, bake and craft for the same reason.

Women who are passionate about helping all women become all of this and more.

Women who look for the similarities with others instead of the differences.

That’s what’s beautiful.

In a world that already has enough hate; be, do, say anything but that. Together we can change the world, but it all starts with you.

originally posted on Facebook May 10. 2019 by Lolly Bennett